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Dancing to the Beatles

The traditional end of the school year rash of tests, presentations, programs and recitals has passed and I'm left with a backlog of various media to wade through and review now that I don't have the feeling of racing from one thing to the next.  Last weekend was Z's dance school recital and the theme this year was the Beatles.  So not only would there be some good music - it was going to be interesting to see how the dancers and choreographers interpreted that music.  I was more than pleased and quite moved by some of the dances.  My favorite was a tap dance to "Yellow Submarine" by a gaggle of 4 year olds dressed in yellow sailor outfits - off the charts cuteness.  Right up there on the favorites list was Z's solo turn in Martha Graham territory to a personal Beatles favorite - "Eleanor Rigby".   Modern dance isn't Kid Z's favorite thing, but she loved the choreography which she managed very well. I was a very proud dad....

I always enjoy Zoe's ballet pointe work and she's struggled this year with a few injuries.  It hasn't been easy.  Two days before recital she broke a shoe and had to break in new shoes.  Anyone who knows ballet knows that this is pretty hard to do.  Z plugged away and even though her shoes weren't optimal she did very well considering. Just dance and Let it Be.....

Zoe hates the song "Imagine" for some unknowable teenaged reason, but she likes the Glee version of the tune. Go figure.  In this duet she enjoyed the choreography but hated the costume.  I had the opposite reaction. I thought the choreography was cheesy but I liked the colorful costumes....

All in all the recital was well done and one of the best ones I've seen this school present. The dancers were all well rehearsed and they performed wonderfully.

Take a bow, kiddo....

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