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Lost, Disappeared, Gone....


For ten years I have worked with and shared an office with the mother of this missing woman. This is just inexplicable. Its heart breaking to see someone close go through this sort of unbelievable nightmare.  A Bolt from the Blue.  The police don't suspect foul play so evidently that means car jacking, kidnapping, drug deal gone bad, robbery, murder, all of it, are off the table.  What's left is the distinct possibility that Amber has done a voluntary walkabout, which is the inexplicable part.  There's been no overt family animosity, in fact Amber's homosexuality was accepted by her family with puzzlement more than anything else.  No drama, no dis-owning or kicking out or anything like that.  Her brother, encouraged by his family's acceptance of her sister's coming out, recently came out himself.  Amber works in a sketchy and dangerous field - she's an investigator for an insurance company.  She moved out to Boston four months ago for work.  Last anyone heard from her was June 21st, and this was a young lady who frequently texted her friends and family, had an active Twitter/Facebook account and was generally an outgoing person.  Everything went suddenly dark. Information is hard to come by, so all I'm left with is theories.  I don't know why the police would rule out foul play other than they just aren't seeing any of the usual signs. The other possibility is that she's hurt, has gotten lost and can't get back home.  There's been no trace of her car.  Everything's a big question mark.  Meanwhile, her mother is going through hell...and who knows what's going to happen with Amber's 8 year old daughter who's been staying with mom and step dad while Amber was getting settled. A tragic mystery.


Jul. 4th, 2011 02:14 am (UTC)
Exceedingly odd -- and so sad for yr friend. I agree with you that her choice of occupation would put her at higher risk for foul play that yr average bear. Not using credit cards is really suspicious.