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Burnt Up House

About a week ago,on my day off, I was having morning coffee on my deck when I heard a flurry of sirens in the distance.  Usually I ignore these just as I unconciously ignore all the other myriad sounds of the city, but the sirens kept getting louder and closer until it became clear they were coming right down our street.  I ran out front looking for the fire and the fire engines but didn't see anything even though it sounded like they were right on top of me.  I turned to go back to the deck when a thick column of smoke coming from almost directly behind my house caught my eye.  The house behind and a few doors down from mine was engulfed in flames.  Went down to gawk and watch the fire fighters, but evidently the fire was so intense the cops blocked off the entire street and weren't letting anyone enter from either end of the block.  I did find out exactly which house it was though and learned it was the same house that had been surrounded by SWAT about a year before because one of the renters was harboring a fugitive parolee.  My kid's school, which is across the street from the house, had been locked down during this incident. That was a long afternoon for me, let me tell you.  My theory on the fire was that either the occupants left some food burning on the stove or that the basement grow room/meth lab caught fire.  Its been about a week since the place went up and their's still police tape up, but they aren't keeping people away.  The cause of the fire still hasn't been made public.

The car is totalled and so is the neighbor's vinyl siding....

The fire department did a good job preventing the thing from burning to the ground and catching other places on fire.  A total loss of a house that was worth maybe 90k.  We can add it to the handfull of foreclosures in the neighborhood along with about 5 condemed houses and ones that are empty because they are second homes or rental properties laying fallow.  Don't get me wrong - I love this neighborhood, but it has its blemishes.  No place is ever perfect.


Jul. 19th, 2011 03:23 am (UTC)
There doesn't seem to be smoke damage around the basement windows, so that kind of rules out the basement meth lab, but maybe they moved it upstairs for the summer. If you ever do find out what happened, post it.