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Live From Chezsci's Deck...

Having done this twice before and seeing it swallowed up by whatever glitch-fest LJ had going on the last time I managed crawl onto the site, I think I may have a handle on what I wanted to say in this post.  However, I don't know if I have the will to go on and run over the same train track of thought once again.  but I'll give it a shot.  What I was saying, before the whole LJ thing..well, you know...anyway....I was thinking the other day about all the musicians or musical people I know or have known.  Before I was married I had several  room mates who were hard core working musicians.  Starting with my first college roomy Joey who was a classical guitar major who worked his way through undergrad school by working in several bands.  Joey was one of those guys who could pick up a song and arrange it for his band just by listening to the record a couple times.  I turned him onto Neil Young, T-Bone Walker and Led Zeppelin, all three of which I played nearly incessantly during the year we roomed together.  Next was my buddy Wally who was a self taught drummer, but was/is talented enough that he was in demand to not only play in three different bands but was often called upon to sit in with others and do studio work.  Wally's thing was jazz mostly but he had a serious jones for Jimi Hendrix whom he worshipped right along with the other demi-gods he paid homage to as is the tradition in his chosen faith of Hinduism.  There was my roomy Jim and his brother Dave who sometimes crashed at our place when they had gigs in town.  They were deep in the Old Timey stuff and got me on a jag of listening to old Lomax recordings, Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson and oddly, Django Rheinhardt whom they said was a bluegrass picker, whose bluegrass just happened to be in France.  And on and on.  Over the years I've gravitated towards musicians and they tolerate having me around despite my having not a lick of musical talent.  I don't have the aptitude, patience or discipline for it.  I can plunk out some tunes on a piano or guitar, but nothing I'd show off in public.  Hell, its almost too embarrassing to play the stuff for myself. 

All that said, I got the idea the other day to invite the musicians I know over to the house to play a tune while sitting on my deck.  I'd video the proceedings and post them as sort of a musical showcase literally right from my back yard.  What a brilliantly fun idea.  If it works.  Some of the folks I know won't lift a guitar pick without getting paid, others will do it as a lark, others have been out of the game for a while and will need coaxing.  Some, like the young man presented here today, are relatively new friends and new to the business.  Just starting to make their bones, so to speak.  This guy, Anthony, is the boy friend of my daughter's life-long friend and unofficial sister.  I saw him play at a coffeehouse and was knocked out by his real love of the blues and the rock canon.  He likes to mix genres together and he likes to re-arrange songs, making them his own creations.  Much like Bob Dylan does constantly with his own catalogue.  This particular song is an original and was inspired by a dream.  I like that Anthony plays this cheap-assed twenty dollar banjo.  I like the plaintive, wistfulness of the tune. I enjoyed how Anthony soldiered on despite my cat Daffodil coming out of the back forty to lend her own vocal harmonies to the performance.  I was cracking up, but Anthony held it together.  I like how Daffodil displayed her disdain for the song by losing interest in the middle and wandering off back to where she came from. So here it is - the first of what will likely be sporadic performances of live music from my deck....

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