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The Arts in Mind

This week marks the begining of the third annual ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids. ArtPrize is an open art competition with a large cash award for the top 5 vote getters.  Voting is open to anyone. No boards, no secret judges table, no committee of experts. Just anyone who takes the time to register in person for free. One might think this could lead to all manner of disasterous conclusions not the least of which would be the top vote-getter and winner of the $250,000 first prize being a velvet Elvis or a Bob Ross-style oil painting of a mountain lake with a happy little cabin nestled on the shore. Not that these sorts of artworks are really that disasterous a conclusion, but certainly not ones that I think most voters would prefer as representative pieces that deserve top honors.

I love ArtPrize.  Its impossible to see all the art in one visit, especially since it's spread throughout the downtown area. But its designed to encourage more than one visit.  I vote so I try to see as much as I can in person, but I do see everything whether in person or not.  I love the vibe in Grand Rapids when the two weeks of the ArtPrize competion takes place.  There are over 1700 works of art, large and small, within a 3 mile square area.  That combined with the crowds of people and the crisp, bright Fall weather makes for a terrific time just strolling around taking it all in.  I haven't been there yet, but I'm cooking for a gala event down there on Monday night, so that'll be my first go-round. The college hosts a fundraiser and thank you reception for the people who run ArtPrize.  The guy who started it all is the son of one of the founders of Amway. Remember them? Yeah, its still around and their owners are worth billions.   I'm going back on Tuesday so I can wander around without the obligation of working and I'm so looking forward to it.  I've been in a stress festival at work and in my personal life, so a day of looking at art and relaxing is much needed.

The big news lately in my household is that the Z-girl got herself invited to dance in a ballet ensemble that will be touring Europe next summer for three weeks.  She is so excited I haven't been able to peel her off the ceiling since.  I have many reservations though, not least of which is how I'm going to pay for this. Also, the thought of my kid going out of the country and staying with a variety of strangers while on tour kind of makes me sick.  But the little bird has got to test her wings and see the world. I want to give her this opportunity and experience.  I feel it will mold her in good ways.  Meanwhile, I have to beat down this persistant little voice in my head telling me to hold on as tight as I can and never let her leave. Sigh. Good practice for when she's gone for good.  I can start collecting cats and work at becoming a full time internet troll. Or maybe I'll enter ArtPrize, win the top prize and move to Tahiti like Gaugin; spending my days corrupting tawney island women of every shape and size.  Hey, it could happen.
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