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Vacation Blues

I'm having a staycation this week. I had some time coming to me and I was getting a little stressed at work so I decided to step off the hamster wheel for a week.  Trouble is - I'm trying to catch up on household stuff that I've let slide.  One of which is wrangling a new source for the Z-girl's diabetic insulin pump supplies.  Serious biz. An exercise in bureaucratic frustration, though.  Lots of sources, but none take my insurance so far. Spent the afternoon fruitlessly negotiating with the last company on my list. Finally gave up  and put a call into the doc's office in the hopes I can get some help from that direction.  Also, the stack of college financial aid applications calls me from my office.  These things look like some sort of form straight out of the film "Brazil".

Today, however, I'm chucking it all and going birthday shopping for the Z-girl. And getting a little something for myself.  I usually don't play a lot of video games, but I do like racing games.  I'm a gear head from way back - my dad's influence, he's a vintage sports car enthusiast. Anyway, a new racing game comes out today for XBox. Forza 4, is a rally racing sort of game where you drive all sorts of exotic super cars over different road courses. I have version 2 and have damn near wore it out.  So today I'm treating myself to an afternoon of virtual acceleration. Chase away reality at the wheel of a Astin Martin DB-9. That's the ticket. I'll get to that other stuff....manana.  


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Oct. 11th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
Forza 4 looks very cool. I saw them play it on Top Gear a few weeks ago. Look forward to hearing more about it!
Oct. 12th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
So far its a lot of fun. Setup was long and tedious, but worth it. Enormous amount of space taken up on the hard drive for all the cars and tracks available for down load. There are even more free layouts and cars available from XBox live for free, but I've run out of space. Would definitely recommend purchasing the newly designed XBox driving wheel with it as the driving experience is hyper realistic as far as the responses of the vehicles and the environmental effects are concerned. Was up way too late playing with it. Drove a vintage 67 Barracuda around Indy, a Can-Am McLaren around Monza (in the rain), and a Cooper Mini Rally through the snaky ins and outs of Sebring Speedway. I've driven a real Cuda and a Cooper Rally before and the game captured the feel pretty good. All that's missing is the G-forces, the smell and the claustrophobia of the cockpit.
The sound is terrific - the McLaren was deafening with that signature high, whiny snarl that GT cars have and the Cuda had that great roar with serious vibration at the low end - my TV actually rattled.
A couple of weird omissions though that I'll have to look into - it appears that there are no Porsches or BMWs available in the "Fast Race" portion of the game. I haven't played the "Career" portion yet and I suspect they are there. Also, one of my favorite tracks - the F1 Grand Prix at Monaco is missing. Its likely in the "Career" section also (this part takes up the most space on the HD)...not gonna get into that section until I have a few hours to blow. You start off with small car like a pimped out Honda Civic and work your way up through the various divisions building skill points as a driver.
Overall - if you like racing games, Forza 4 is as good as they come. Overall experience is a 9 with setup and some omissions being the only minor faults that I can see having only played the game for a few hours.
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