January 22nd, 2013

New, Hat

At the Tokyo Farm and Fleet

Junior Samples

The weather went from unseasonably warm to seasonably frigid in the space of about a day and I think my car went into shock. But then again, everyone's car would go into shock if you went out and started it in below zero temps before 5 a.m.  I don't think my vehicle (an '06 Honda Civic) really has gone into shock so much as she's suffering from an old battery.  Yeah, my car's a female.  All of my cars have been female because well, I like females and with all those curves and shiny stuff, cars just seem female. Ferraris, Lotus', Lamborghini's, Mercedes'...these are the super models. My Honda? A small, shy Japanese girl with hidden depths of capriciousness and power. Maybe she works at the Tokyo Gap store on the Ginza. Or better yet, at the Hot Topic store in Nagoya. Either way, it's a crapshoot whether or not she'll deign to start tomorrow, but that's okay because I have the day off and don't really need to go anywhere.

Although I have in mind to get some new work shoes at the Farm and Fleet store.  I've been wearing my expensive hiking boots (Vasque) to work because they are so damned comfy, but I really need to stop before I ruin them with all the weird grease and chemicals sloshing around on the floors there. Not to mention the road salt I hike through on my walk to work.  Yup - just have to make it to the Farm and Fleet tomorrow then maybe stop off for a beer before home. I love the Farm and Fleet. I have a mental shopping cart of stuff I want there. Coveralls like a mechanic wears. I wore these things in one of the first restaurant jobs I ever had, so getting a pair would be sort of practical nostalgia for me. Barn boots. Big rubber boots. We used to call shit kickers. For good reason. Never had a pair of my own but I've used many a borrowed pair to help muck out stalls and shovel shit back when I had closer contact with my farming cousins in Hoosier land. Fireman's suspenders. Wide, red and really obnoxious. I'd wear them with a belt just to annoy the Z-girl, who would no doubt be appalled at yet another fashion apocalypse perpetrated by moi. Blue jean overalls. I used to have several pairs when I was in college, I liked them because of all the pockets and they were damned comfortable. Now, I might look like Junior Samples in them but I don't care - they are great. A Bowie knife or K-Bar. I have a knife obsession, which should be no surprise given my profession, but I have never owned a large utility knife that I can use out on a hiking trail if need be. I have an old Gerber 5 inch lock blade, but I feel like I'm at a place in my life where I need an obscenely large and ridiculous knife. Some guys buy speedboats or trophy wives; I'm a man of meager means so giant knives and farmer's clothes will have to do.