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You Gotta Get Yourself Out There

My sous chef at work has been bugging me about getting out there and "meeting someone" - he suggested online dating, which he swears by. I'm sorry - but- the thought of doing that just locks my brain up and causes me to go into a full body clench. He met his wife that way (on Yahoo Dating, no less) and she's a lovely woman. But I think he got extremely lucky. My sisters have been bugging me about dating lately too AND they suggested the internet method also. Lordamighty - do these people WANT me to meet a fatal attraction? I'm getting tired of telling them I'm alright the way I am and yes I should move on and I feel I have and just leave my love life the fuck alone thankyouverymuch. Besides-I haven't been on an actual date for nearly 25 years and I'd probably forget myself and do something awkward like take a non-movie lover to von Trier's latest and then end up apologizing and explaining that I really am just a regular guy and not some kind of twisted freak with reality issues. But then again I wouldn't ask anyone out who wasn't a movie lover, a reader, or an art lover.  I don't know - I just have way too much on my plate right now as it is.  But it'd be nice to go out to dinner and movie with someone other than my daughter or people I work with.  And lately I've been talking to the cats way too much, which is a disturbing development that I'm trying mightily not to make too much about.  People talk to their pets all the time, right?  Its when you dress them up and organize tea parties with them that you have to be worried about. There are a few women at work I'd like to take out, but I have a firm no fraternizing policy with work people. Especially ones you are supervising. That's a real recipe for disaster.  Hell, I don't know. I think all of this has come up just because I realize that this time next year my kid will have flown the coup and I'll be here. With the cats. Taking up some sort of arcane hobby. Like building radio controlled helicopter models or  speed walking.  And flipping through dating profiles searching for a Kurosawa loving, bookworm, gallery crawler like myself. Shit, I'd almost rather row up the Yangste with a pasta fork.


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Nov. 2nd, 2011 11:57 am (UTC)
Cyberdating didn't do much for me although I have met attractive members of the opposite sex online and ended up going out with them. Just never through a dating site.

Maybe you could fire one of those women at work and then ask her out.

FWIW I have a kind of long distance, genteel crush on you just based on yr writing so don't be self-conscious that you're not attractive: You are.
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