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Every day I think of things to blog about and every day I add it to the list marked for later. That's true for nearly every other time of year but especially during the holidays. This is when I'm so consumed with work that I start having work dreams where thoughts of the coming day soak into the unconscious and manifest themselves in vivid, and often disturbing dreams. Some I can remember and some are best forgotten. My favorite is the one where I am in the basement under the kitchen where we keep the dry storage and I'm searching for some item I need. The basement in my dream (and in real life) has a striking resemblance to the mining ship "Nostromo" from the film Alien. Next thing I know I'm running from some nameless thing through corridors filled with steam and flashing lights. I have a flame thrower in my hands and for some reason I find it is imperative to keep whatever's chasing me from getting upstairs into the kitchen and dining hall where the staff and the students go about their business blissfully unaware of the terror below. Now in waking life I'm not anywhere close to hero material, but evidently, in my unconscious mind, I'm a badass motherfucker. I hose the entire basement with liquid fire as I back up into the freight elevator. The faceless creature is only slowed down by the conflagration. I shut myself in the elevator cage and punch the up button. Nothing happens. I glance down to see if the cage is snug to the floor only to find claws blocking its path. The thing is lifting itself up and into the elevator with me. I shoot it with flame to no avail. I frantically look around in the elevator for any sort of weapon. I find a case of canned heat Sternos we use for heating chafers. I shove the case into the beast's maw and play flame over the box. Huge explosion that knocks me down and sends the elevator rocketing upwards. Next thing I'm staggering into the kitchen, my clothes smoldering; the morning lead looks at me unperturbed.

"Where you been? There's a call for you - I think it's your girlfriend over at (insert food purveyor name here).
She sounds pissed. What'd you do this time?"

Before I can answer, I wake up and my day begins.

I have this dream a lot. With many variations. Sometimes I'm in the basement and I discover the mummified bodies of the catering and kitchen staff hanging from the ceiling over in the darkest corner of the basement where we keep the boxes of soda pop syrup. Sometimes the creature drops down from the ceiling on top of me and then I wake up. And on and on. The thing is - I haven't seen any of those Alien movies in decades. But something about them has lodged in my brain and I only have the Alien dream at this time of year when the stress level is over the top and I'm essentially living at work. And I don't have a girlfriend although I do shamelessly flirt with all of my female reps and sales people no matter the marital status, looks or personality. Double entendres are the conversational currency of foodservice - it helps take the edge off the work and the stress. But it doesn't do anything to prevent you from having the occasional Alien-themed work dream.


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Dec. 12th, 2011 01:32 pm (UTC)
maybe you feel like an alien stuck in a basement? peace Jonny
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