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The other night I saw a documentary about modern day prophets here in these united states called “Prophets Rising”. Seems they are all in Nashville. Why? Well, I suppose God favors country music and Nashville is the nexus of country music. I mean after all, “God is great, beer is good...people are crazy” as the song goes. I found this documentary enlightening, but sad. Every prophet depicted came across as self-deluded, narcissistic and monstrously egotistic. If God is choosing these people as his agents here on earth, well...He needs a better HR department because I wouldn't follow any of these folks across the street let alone into the arms of Jesus. The film maker did a fantastic job and she kept her opinions totally out of the film. It was a transparent portrayal, which left you with a nearly objective look at this group of people. One of them proclaimed that just as the Catholics have Vatican City and Rome as the center of their religious universe, the Protestants have.....wait for it...Nashville. I'm sure my Methodist and Lutheran friends will be thrilled to hear that Nashville is their official Mecca. I'm sure they'll be making travel plans soon for their pilgrimage to the land of Nudie suits, Ten Gallon hats and steel guitars. I find it extremely difficult to take seriously, people who claim to have regular conversations with God. I don't think God is talking to anyone these days. I think God is too pissed off. I think God has written us off. I think He's indifferent to the whole mess and people like these prophets are just an annoyance. God is an artist – praying at Him and singing at Him and shouting at Him and begging from Him are actions designed to suit us. Not Him. No. I don't think these prophets are talking to God at all. They are talking to someone else.

End Times indeed.


I had a conversation a week or so ago with my nephew about bad commercials on TV and told him I hated the ones for Debt Relief and re-financing because I thought those were the same smarmy sons of bitches that were selling ARMS just a few years ago. Well, sure enough, a report in the NY times this past Sunday said that a lot of the people who sold folks on risky Adjustable Rate Mortgages are now selling people on debt-relief schemes and convoluted re-financing. These people that are doing this need to be identified, rounded up and put into camps. Where they will be kept until it's time for them to be released naked into the wild so they can be hunted down by packs of wolf-dogs and truckloads of rednecks itching to use their automatic weapons on something other than deer and muskrats.



Saw “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and enjoyed it very much. It's bittersweet seeing how the young actors have grown from small children into fledgling adults. It was like holding up a mirror to my own situation with my daughter. Seems it was just yesterday when her mom and I took her to the first Harry Potter movie when she was a little girl. She dressed up as Hermione Granger. And now, I took her to see this movie and she's too old for dress-up any longer. By the time the final two movies come out in the series, my child will be on the cusp of going to college. Sigh. All this was going through my head as I watched the film and I wondered how many other parents were having the same thoughts. A couple things struck me about the movie. Dame Maggie Smith has aged considerably and does not look well at all in this film. A great actress and we are fortunate to see her in a major film like this one. The other thing I noticed was how scratched and messed up the film was. The movie had been out for only a few days and the copy I saw was littered with scratches and pits. There were even a few times when things got blurry and their were splices. Now either the projectionist didn't take care with the film or the projector itself was at fault. Either way, in this age of digital clear pictures, I was surprised by the poor quality of this film stock. It was annoying.



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Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
I'm surprised they are still using machines that would cause film defects. They ARE moving toward a totally digital display, no film at all, but they're still installing the infrastructure for that. You should have complained to the manager. I'm sure you would have gotten a coupon for a free movie.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
I shot the theater an e-mail with my complaint, so we shall see. Yeah, I was surprised it wasn't released digitally. Or maybe it was, but this place didn't have the equipment, like you said. Surprising though - it was a Goodrich theater.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)
Latter Day Saints
Humanity has been 'blessed' with 'prophets' throughout its sordid history. I wasn't aware that Nashville was the Protestant Mecca. I wonder if they offer pilgramage packages for the faithful? I always thought A Fortress Is My Lord should be sung with a southern twang even if Martin Luther was German.

I also agree with you that those people offering 'deals' should be boiled slowly in oil and then rolled in sand and let loose on a hot tarmac at midday.
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