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Neighborhood Snowmen and a Sick, Whiny Kid

Did this cool stencil on an arty website I found.....

We were set to drive over to Lansing today to get Zgirl fitted for some new ballet pointe shoes, but she got ill last night and was no better this morning. Zgirl is diabetic and from time to time, despite doing everything right, she has a bad sugar level reaction.  Last night we were at a dance performance at the college that we'd been looking forward to for a while.  This was the bi-annual dance department recital performances for all the classes and its usually quite good.  Completely student-generated production from choreography to marketing.  About 5 minutes before intermission Zoe asked me to  feel her forehead because she felt like she was coming down with something. What she was coming down with was high blood glucose. The symptoms are almost exactly like when you have the flu really bad, but in this case, it can get dangerous if you don't take care of it right away.  By the time we got to the car Zgirl was weepy, dizzy and nauseous. Got home and wrestled with the problem until she fell asleep around 1 with her glucose number still high but going down.  She slept peacefully.  I however, did not.  I got up several times in the night to check on her - high glucose levels can cause people to slip into a coma.

By the morning she had leveled off, but was still high.  We decided eventually to scrap the trip and re-schedule the appointment - her numbers weren't stabilizing and in fact they were going higher.  Zoe felt fine though, which is a tell that even though the monitor is saying the sugar level is rising that it was internally having little effect.  Still the glucose had to be dealt with because by this time, an instant-read urine test that we do as a routine precaution showed she was building up toxins.  Toxins that spell trouble if unchecked. Time to call the doctor.  On a Sunday.

We talked to an on-call doc who consulted with us regarding a plan and gave us some dosage advice on the amount of extra insulin to administer. Too much and she'd crash, too little and it would have no effect.  Luckily, Zgirl has an insulin pump which calculates dosages precisely. A trivia tidbit here; the same guy who invented the insulin pump is the same guy, Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway - you hear about Steve Jobs all the time, but for my money Dean Kamen's the shit.  Insulin pumps are technological miracles.  Expensive miracles at 5k plus for a machine the size of a pager. Anyway, we had a plan and we carried it out.  Soon Zoe's numbers were slowly headed in the right direction.  She began to feel better.  Good enough to start whining about being bored, being hungry and crying a little bit about not making her appointment.  Zgirl's a little OCD in that when a plan like going and getting new pointe shoes falls apart, it really, really bothers her.  This is the second time we've had to cancel. The first time was because of a blizzard.  She needs to get her new shoes in time to break them in for her trip to Europe with the international dance ensemble.  Which, in light of the last two days, has me pretty scared and worried.  I know their will be docs and people there to care for her if she has this sort of problem while she's over there, but godammit, I'M not gonna be there.  I have no problem with her leaving the nest and flying away, but I do worry. All...the...time.

Soooo, we've scheduled another shoe appointment for next week and now Zoe is on the couch poking around with her laptop on Tumblr and Pinterest sighing heavily once in a while and moaning about being hungry. She's still running high - elevated sugar levels take forever to correct - but the levels aren't crazy dangerous high like they were before.

Meanwhile, I've kept myself busy round the house today. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and my favorite - cleaning litter boxes.  I suspect one of the cats is pissing somewhere in the basement.  There is now a faint cat piss smell in the house. Ugh.  I swear, the way I feel right now, I'll put the perpetrator "to sleep" with my .22 if I find out which one.

I got out of the house for a walk earlier and took pics of my neighbor's snowmen.  Lots of families with little kids on the block, which makes for a pretty lively and cheerful neighborhood.  I'm so glad I live here.  Could do without Winter, though.