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Talking Photography with Trainboy

Had a fun text conversation with Ryer "Trainboy" A. (Z-girl's beau) this afternoon about photographers. Ryer's finishing up his first semester at Chicago Art Institute.  He was taking a break from writing a very long and difficult paper by surfing through photography sites on the web. He ran across the photos of O. Wilson, who was a very good black and white photog with a certain penchant for trains. Ryer's hobby/obsession is trains, He asked what some of my favorite photographers were and we went back and forth until my phone died. 

O. Winston      O. Winston General Store
I like O. Wilson not because of his use of trains, but for the noirish lighting he uses in his pictures.  The control of light he had to have to get this effect was immense.

Francesca Woodman
Woodman              Woodman 1
Utterly original and ahead of her time. A natural. A genius.

                                                            Ralph Meatyard     Meat yard                                                                                I like his street photography look and the touch of southern gothic.                                                                                              
Otto Umbehr (Umbo)
Otto Umbehr 2Great eye and fun. I like his approach of finding the abnormal in the normal.

                                                                                  Ansel Adams Moonrise AdamsOver-exposed (pun intended) but I still find his work compelling because I love the West, his favorite subject. This, "Moonrise over Hernandez, NM", is my favorite. It's stunning. I held a print in my hands once at the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona - I have never wanted to steal something so much in my life.

Man Ray

Man RayWho knows what this guy would have done with a computer and digital camera.