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The Weekend

I usually watch or read the news at least once a day but since this weekend I just had to stop for a while. My own effort to give those involved some space, My small contribution towards granting them privacy. Silly, yeah but the whole news-watching exercise became creepily voyeuristic really quickly for me. So I stopped.  I'll check back in with the news world in a few days.

 The college I work at is a  liberal arts school based upon Christian principles. The school has provided for me and my family for over thirty years now. I've left my child's education in their superb pedagogical hands. It's provided me with a terrificaly creative career as a chef.  I'm not that spiritual a person. Although I was brought up Catholic and Z-girl is Baptized and Confirmed. Even so,  I don't have the strength of faith God gave a gnat. In fact, I'm more inclined to believe that God/the Creator/ the Pan-Dimensional, omniscient universal being, really doesn't pay that much attention, if at all, to our small comings and goings.  And I can't wrap my head around the afterlife idea, although it's a nice idea - I just don't get the feeling that it exists (see: Faith, lack thereof) Pan-Dimensionally or otherwise.  All that said, I've been treated very well by the folks at work that are heavy with Faith and know that I'm somewhat of a Pagan. Not condescending or dismissive or pitying. I guess you could say they are Good Christians. Myself, I find spiritual solace in nature and yes, in the hearts of these good people. And still, though it might be crass, I find myself glad that school is not in session now during the wake of the massively heinous crime in Conn.  So many of our students are gentle, caring kids who would have been totally derailed by this event. And sure, that's alright - everyone was knocked off their pins by this, but youngsters this age, flowing with hard edged, bright emotions, feel it more in the heart. I asked Z-girl if she knew anything about what happened and she only nodded and said "Yeah." in that same, high, soft yet curt voice she used not long ago when her mother lay in ICU unconscious and dying and I asked if she wanted to see her. Only this time there were no silent tears, but I knew if I pushed, they'd come out in a torrent like they had then during our own personal journey through that Dark Territory now traveled by those poor people out East.   

Z-girl spent the weekend catching up on Spongebob, The Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and a few other cartoons I don't usually watch.  She started re-reading two books just for fun "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "The Great Gatsby"(her Favorite). I wrote towards two separate deadlines, worked on some menus and watched two Radiohead concerts on YouTube in between playtime on FB.  I spent a large chunk of time looking at pictures and videos of my recent trip out to Moab and Zion. I fucking wish I was there right now - in Zion on the Narrows trail, breathing the air, feeling the stillness, hearing the wind and the water.


Dec. 18th, 2012 08:12 am (UTC)
That must have been quite the sight to the first Native Americans coming into the Virgin River basin and the Zion canyon system six thousand years ago. The Hand of God sawing away at the land like a knife through a loaf of bread.:D
That's what I like about the place - the extreme age, the majesty of the landscape and how it makes me feel small, insignificant and very, very peaceful.