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Lifetime Piling Up

So many things rattling around in the head tonight.  A combination of extreme fatigue and inability to sleep makes thoughts bounce around like unruly super balls.  I shall categorize and collate these thoughts starting with politics….

Okay, so a Facebook friend posted a link to this blog that pretty much summed up my thoughts on the Tea Party, health care and Obama’s most recent permutation....

I’m gratified that this president gets to appoint a Supreme Court Justice – it looks like he’ll get to appoint a few more before all is said and done.  That’s good news….and bad.  I believe the Supreme Court took a serious misstep in ruling that corporations could contribute as much money to campaigns as they wish.  My single vote that meant almost nothing, now will most certainly mean absolutely ZIP, unless of course I’m CEO of Monsanto, or Apple or Eli Lilly or Coke or <insert multi-national corporate entity here>.


Locally, the big news is that Erik Prince, CEO of Blackwater International will be coming to Holland to speak at the annual Tulip Time luncheon.  Why Erik Prince?  Well, he was born here and his family are the richest, most powerful family in town.  Erik’s father built his fortune in the auto industry creating a parts company that outfitted interiors for GM, Chrysler and Ford.  Last count put the family fortune at well over a billion dollars. When Erik came of age he took a different path.  Erik liked to control people, Erik liked guns, Erik wasn’t averse to killing people for his country.  Erik became a Special Forces spook and fit right in.  While he was serving his country as a taxpayer funded assassin Erik created a business plan for doing the same thing in the private sector.  For a lot more money.  With seed money from the Prince family fortune Blackwater was born shortly after Erik mustered out of the armed services.  The rest is history.  I will be cooking lunch for Erik and 700 of his fans next week.  I’ve been told that I will be issued a special pass to get into the building where the luncheon will take place and that possibly there will be a background check.  The same thing happened when I catered a birthday BBQ at the Prince family compound outside of town.  But that’s a different story.

In other local Political news – our congressman, Peter Hoekstra, has garnered the necessary signatures to be included on November’s ballot for the Governorship of Michigan.  Like Erik Prince, Peter Hoekstra is also from Holland. He is Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is ironic because the guy’s a brick brain.  You might remember him as the representative that was Twittering from a secured, off limits location while on a junket in Iraq.  The Chairman of a select committee.  On Intelligence.  And yes, he’s a Republican.  Not that it matters. Dumb shits cross all party lines.  I believe he’ll win the governor’s office in a landslide. People love him around here.  I knew Pete’s dad.  Nice guy, but frightening – a do-it-my-way-or you-are-just-wrong sort of fellow. His favorite thing he used to tell me was that above all you should always carry a hundred dollars in your wallet just in case.  And to show people you aren’t a low-life, poor piece of shit.  Yup, here’s hoping Michigan’s future governor isn’t Pete Hoekstra.  I’m not holding my breath.

Let’s talk about Pop Cultural events….

Last night I went to see the movie “Kick Ass” with my buddy Wally, my daughter and her friend. It was a huge surprise.  I had low expectations and was rewarded with a really enjoyable movie.  Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but good solid entertainment. It reminded me of a good Tarantino film – you know, not like the over-stuffed drivel he’s done since Kill Bill. The child star Chloe Moretz stole the show with her portrayal of pre-teen homicidal assassin, “Hit Girl”.  I absolutely loved this character and young Chloe clearly was relishing every second of screen time.  People will piss and moan about her use of foul language and all the murder and mayhem the character creates during the movie. Too all the detractors and haters I say….Pfffft! It’s a freakin’ movie – get over yourselves.  Obviously Chloe and her parents have a handle on the difference between play-acting and real life.  Read about Chloe here:

See "Hit Girl" trailer here:  Warning-if you don't like little girls cussing and killing bad guys don't watch.

The second movie that I really enjoyed was the Coen Brother’s latest effort, “A Serious Man”.  A character study of a man’s life falling apart then coming back together….then falling apart again.  Told with the Coen’s signature dry wit and visual style, we follow the travails of Larry Gopnik, a college math professor who’s wife starts the downhill slide by asking him for a traditional Jewish divorce called a “Get”.  From there we see Prof. Gopnik slowly disintegrate under the weight of a landslide of events that almost crushes him, but not quite.  And as a sliver of sunshine begins to appear for Larry we are treated to the signature Coen whipsaw of the capriciousness of life in the form of a ominous funnel cloud on the horizon.  And the rollercoaster gains speed again bulleting for the bottom.  I really enjoyed this film – I haven’t seen a Coen brothers movie I didn’t like.

Okay, I’ll talk about more frivolous, meaningless events and opinions tomorrow.  Right now I need to go out to the back yard and swing a racket at some bats.  Just for fun.