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Work Craziness: A Continuing Saga

So one of my cooks was out for a week with some undisclosed illness and I wouldn’t let him come back unless he had a doctor’s note.  He calls me at home on Monday and tells me he hasn’t been in because his wife of three months cheated on him with some random guy at a bar.  Well, I understand that, but I fucking need you in here – this is one of our busiest times of the year.  They guy promises he’ll be in.  the next day he comes into work and does alright except for the frequent crying jags in the bathroom.  I caught him quietly weeping at his station when there were customers milling about so I took over for him while he tried to get it together.  Later on, I took a break with him and tried to get more info out of him and well I got a little more than I really needed to know.  But hey, I asked for it.  He tells me his wife’s a nymphomaniac and that he thought he was meeting her needs, but evidently she requires more than he can give in the bedroom.  At this point, I’m thinking I’m in some sort of Seth Rogan film.  All kinds of scenarios go through my head – most of them hilarious.  However, I decide to be the Good Boss and I give the guy the phone number of a counselor that’s helped me a lot with the death of my wife.  This counselor’s also a minister so I make a mental note to try to call the guy and give him a heads up.  Meanwhile, this cook spends the rest of the day pouring his heart out to me in bits and pieces.  It gets to the point where I have to tell the poor bastard that I really don’t need to hear any more and to save it for the professionals.  He’s asking me if he should leave or stay. He’s asking me if he should drag her to the counselor too.  He’s asking all this crazy stuff like we’re life - long friends or close relatives. It’s crazy how some people will just reveal all of this really personal stuff at the drop of a hat – I mean it wasn’t like this guy didn’t have family to lean on.  He’s also got a ton of friends.  Maybe I just have a trusting face or something.  Could be because I’m about 30 years older than him.  That’s probably it – a daddy figure.

For the record – if my wife did that sort of thing just three months into the marriage I think I’d bale regardless of the nymphomania.  I just couldn’t live my life with someone that you couldn’t trust to go to the grocery store without them banging whom ever happens to be hanging out in the parking lot or whatever.  Sure - you’d think it’d be great having a wife that’s ready to roll at all times, but I’m certain it wouldn’t be all that charming after a while.  Like maybe the first time she brought home crabs.  Or worse.


Apr. 30th, 2010 09:40 am (UTC)
Me ex waited a respectable six months after our wedding date to launch herself into an affair with her new boss. I didn't discover it for the better part of a year (a lot of denying the evidence under my nose). It took five more years, however, for our marriage to finally die in formal terms. Horrible, horrible years in between.

Unless your employee is sufficiently co-dependent on her, he might be amenable to a open marriage. I doubt it given his present reaction, but sex addicts do not easily give up their thrills. If he wants someone he can trust, he needs to start from scratch.