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I Just Stepped Out for a Minute

I’ve been gone too long from LJ and my blog page here.  Its not that I don’t love the Live Journal scene (I bought into the whole paid membership gig after all), its just that when I sit at my PC at home I’m in the habit of answering the mail, paying the bills then going on to doing some writing. In short – by the time I get done writing for an hour or two I’m usually too toasted mentally to think of stuff to throw on the blog.  I’m also a night owl who unfortunately must wake early to go to my job.  I generally work 10 hour days.  Throw in that I’m a single parent with a 17 year old, and the day gets full really quick.  All that said – I haven’t blogged for months now mostly because I’ve been reserving my writing energies for my fiction.  The result has been that I’ve revised and polished to a bright, perfect sheen, six short stories which when added to five previously finished stories will add up to a nice little volume that hopefully some kindly agent will take under their wing and go get published for me.  My goal is to send queries out over the winter, continue polishing the stories and start on a few others I have in mind.  Then there’s the matter of a crime novel I have started that is about 3 chapters long right now.  So  it looks like, now that I’m in the business stage of the writing process and won’t be using the creative part of my brain so much, I’ll have more time to post my scintillating opinions and views here on LJ for my Audience of One.

On a wholly related/unrelated note-this week has so far been one of those unique weeks where positivity overflows, but I’m so busy that I’m unable to drink it in and soak up the love as much as I would like.  This past Monday the president of the local chapter of the national chef’s association I belong too called me up and told me I had been nominated for area Chef Professional of the Year.  This was very cool as it is an award totally given by my peers. So that means that they love me, they really, really love me.  I was told over the phone that I needed to send in my bio and a picture and that if I won I would have to be prepared for interviews and local tv appearances along with spearheading several benefit dinners for a multitude of local charities throughout the coming year.  So its not so much an award as it is a kind of work assignment.  But that’s okay – I’m glad to do it.  Then today I find a letter from the home office sitting in my snail mail box at work.  Someone in the company nominated me for a superior performance award which is given out each year to the manager who best exemplifies the company’s values and mission.  Well shit, I guess. I didn’t know I was, but thanks anyway – its always an honor to be nominated.  So, as I wade through a particularly grueling week – the sting of the daily grind is a little less sharp having been salved by the warm healing glow of approval and love by my colleagues.