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Wondering as I'm Wandering

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Easy.  Basically by making a conscious effort to slow down... along with being alert to seemingly mundane things happening around me.  I helped myself with this by always carrying a camera of some sort with me.  Sure, I took a lot of shots of things like clouds, tree limbs, dirt,  but the things that restored a certain sense of wonder didn't get caught on film because I was too busy trying to drink it in.  A snow squall blanketing the park down the street from my house as twilight dims ....my cat laying on the deck like a library lion as he idly watches the yard squirrels chase each other around....holding my newborn nephew in my arms and feeling his little spark of life throbbing like a neutron star....shimmering moonlit clouds sliding across a blue black October night sky...driving around one day and seeing this horse in his corral wanting me to take his picture......

Foggy Horse

Yeah - I think I'm doing okay in the cultivating wonder department..  But what does it do, this sense of wonder?  Well - I'm hoping it lowers my blood pressure, but besides that I think it helps immensely with creativity. I won't name names - okay, I will - most politicians don't have a creative bone in their bodies. These are people with a deep need to be noticed and Be In Charge...Get Things Done.  Sure, some of these political people can "cast a vision" but its usually a hybrid of some other creative person's vision.  Same thing goes for lawyers and accountants. Haven't met one who could look at snow falling in a wood and come up with some feeling deeper than "Wow, it's cold."  Indeed, a sense of wonder is hard wired into the level of creativity one has - I firmly believe that.  I feel badly for those people who can't fathom the wonder all around us.  Life is unique and infinitely entrancing.  Which would mean nothing to a hedge fund manager...in fact, that guy would likely scoff at someone with my sense of wonder.  There's no money in it - what's the point?  <sigh>  Of course, those sorts of people aren't typing away about life on blogs - they see it as a waste of time.  But an unexamined life is a wasted life IMO and writing stuff like this down and hashing it out is part of that process.  And anyway, one wouldn't even initially think to take a closer look at what makes life tick if one wasn't wandering about looking to capture that sense of wonder and put it in a jar, slide it under the glass or write it down on the page.



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Dec. 5th, 2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
into the mystic
nice journal entry-Van Morrison one of my favorites-peace
Dec. 5th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Re: into the mystic
Van is one of mine also.
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